Learn a language with the Mac Dictionary

Are you learning a foreign language? If you have a Kindle, you may already know about downloading foreign language dictionaries and using them to your advantage when reading texts in the language you are learning.

You can do this easily on your Mac, too. Macs ship with a dozen foreign language dictionaries. Some of them bilingual. To assist your learning:

  1. Open the Dictionary app.

  2. Select the preferences menu item. Dictionary preferences showing multiple language options

  3. Select the appropriate dictionary. You may prefer a bilingual dictionary if you are just starting, or a normal, target language one if you are more advanced in the language.

  4. Tap (don’t click) with three fingers on any word for the definition. popup display of dictionary definition for spanish word

Other platforms?

Let me know on twitter if you have a workflow like this on another OS and I’ll add it to this page.