Facing Facebook

or, How to join Facebook without giving up all of your and your friends’ privacy.

Two years ago, I quit Facebook over my serious reservations about its pervasiveness and its methodical, ratcheting disregard for privacy.

However, it is a part of the social fabric for many people, and I was recently asked how I would approach protecting my privacy on Facebook were I to join it again.

Learn a language with the Mac Dictionary

Are you learning a foreign language? If you have a Kindle, you may already know about downloading foreign language dictionaries and using them to your advantage when reading texts in the language you are learning.

You can do this easily on your Mac, too. Macs ship with a dozen foreign language dictionaries. Some of them bilingual. To assist your learning:

Clojure: Koan to Kata

Recently, I went from knowing a bit of Clojure (a programming language) to writing a program that plays a word game invented by Lewis Carroll. Here’s what I learned.

The koan

Last month I attended a local Day of Functional, where we worked in teams on the Clojure Koans.

Ground Rules

In 2002, Andy Baio started his blog with The Basic Idea. A decade on, Waxy is still going strong. So I am stealing “the basic idea” wholesale–except for “be original”–as a starting point for my new blog.